Choosing an Eye Doctor

A boy wearing an eyeglass

Eyes are a very sensitive and important part of our body. It is very important to continuously take care of them to increase their lifespan. Seeing an eye doctor regularly at London eye hospital is part of taking care of our eyes. It is not only when you have an eye problem that you rush to see a doctor.

Make it a routine to have your eyes checked at least once every year. The trick comes in choosing the right eye doctor because there are so many eye doctors available in different fields.

Which eye doctor is right for you?


An optometrist is an eye doctor who has attained a degree as a doctor of optometry. The wosdfsdfsdfsfsrk of an optometrist is quite general, and this is mostly the type of doctor that you see from time to time. The work of an optometrist is observing patients of eye irregularities and also health related problems of the eyes.

In case you have a problem with vision, or you have any eye infections, this is the right kind of person to see. An optometrist will treat any eye infections as well as recommend glasses to correct vision related problems of the eyes.


This is a more advanced type of eye doctor compared to an optometrist. People go to an optometrist for the checkup but for more serious eye conditions you are advised to see an ophthalmologist who is more trained. The work of an ophthalmologist is to examine the eyes and make a diagnosis for treatment to begin.

This eye doctor is experienced to treat all kind of eye problems and health related conditions of the eyes. An ophthalmologist also has the skill and expertise to perform eye surgery in case surgery is needed to correct any eye deformity.


An optician is notetertertertwtw an eye doctor per say, but this is a very important person in the eye profession. Many people are probably very familiar with an optician because this is the person who gives you eye glasses. An optician’s work is to read eyeglasses prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist and give the patient the right glasses for their condition.

In most cases an optician will measure your size to make sure that you get the right fit of your eyeglasses. An optician must receive training and certification before they start practicing. In most cases, you will find that many opticians have the skill to fit eye contacts to patients who require eyeglasses fitted.…

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