General Information and Treatment Of Parkinson Disease

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Parkinson disease is a disease of the brain. It is a disease that affects body movements and tremor. Parkinson disease is mostly associated with several symptoms. The main sign and symptom of Parkinson disease are a slow movement. Many people suffer from slow and delayed movement at very early stages. Another common symptom is the involuntary shaking of legs, hands, and all other parts. This is also called tremor. Another common symptom is stiff and inflexible soft muscles. Depression is also another sign of the Parkinson disease. Although other brain disorders are also associated with depression, Parkinson depression comes with anxiety. Anxiety and extreme stages make one look paranoid. The loss of sense of smell in another common sign of the disease. Like any other brain disease, Parkinson disease is also associated with memory loss. Memory loss associated with Parkinson disease has a long effect and affects the brain memory loss in adverse effects.

Parkinson Disease

Causes of Parkinson disease

There is no precise cause of the Parkinson disease by medical practitioners. However, many scholars and parkinson’s disease specialist have suggested various causes of the Parkinson disease. It is believed that Parkinson is caused by loss or reduction of a brain cell responsible for movement in the body called substantia nigra. This is a decrease of a chemical the brain cell known as dopamine. Dopamine is the chkdsjkdjkdjdkdjemical that controls movement in human bodies’ as well of animal body. The reason behind the loss of substantial is unclear. However, a recent study has attributed the loss of the chemical to genetic reasons. Medical practitioners claim that the disease could be carried along in a gene, therefore, making it hereditary. Other medics argue that some environmental condition may lead to loss of the gene and subsequently lead to Parkinson disease.

Treatment of Parkinson disease

The most common treatment of Parkinson disease is by administration of a chemical substance that contains the brain problems in human body. On of the commonly used is carbidopa-levodopa. Afterward, it is converted into dopamine. It is a natural substance and their ogres well with the brain tissues. Levodopa is in most cases mixed with carbidopa. Medicine men say that this is vital because it prevents the dopamine out the brain to be converted. This treatment is, however, associated with hallucinations and sleepiness as common side effects.

Anticholinergics are also used to control the adverse stages of the disease. This treatment is very useful for people who experience tremors associated with Parkinson. Anticholinergics commonly use to chemicals to contain Parkinson disease. The first one is benztropine that is very effective in early stages of the disease. The other chemical is trihexyphenidyl that is most effective when the disease is in its advanced stages.


Parkinson disease is a v,.mcmncmcmcmcmery manageable disease. A regular checkup is vital not only for Parkinson disease but the for the general health of the body. Positive attitude towards the disease is also important. Regular research on the disease is also critical.