Why sleeping too little makes you crave junk food?

We all know that marijuana increases someone’s appetite, and nobody used to know the science behind it.


A recent study has now found that, people who do not have enough sleep are more likely to pack on the pounds because they tend to have the same munchies marijuana smokers get.

Now, scientists have been able to know exactly why sleeping too little makes you crave junk food.

They have also been able to understand why more sleep is associated with decreased craving for junk foods.

Your primal brain structures are activated when you have too little sleep

yoga-429718_640Its very logic that we tend not to make the right decisions when haven’t had a good night sleep.

Now, UC Berkey researchers used MRI scans to find the science behind that.

The MRI scan indicated that our brain usually switches gears when we sleep too much or too little.

When we have less sleep, there was less activity in the lobe of the brain that governs our decision making.

The less activity leads to the brain craving reward as it stays awake for long hence the junk foods.

This isn’t the first study on how the lack of enough sleep interferes with our normal brain behavior.

A study published in the Journal sleep had 14 adults who were divided into two groups.

One group allowed sleeping for four nights at recommended sleeping hours and the other group with restricted hours of sleep for the same period.

They were provided with the same carefully prepared meal. Those in sleep-deprived group ate foods and snacks with more carbohydrates, more fat, and more proteins.

burger-1140824_640The researcher behind the study was able to measure the concentration of Endocannabinoid known as 2AG in both groups.

(The Endocannabinoid is particularly involved in different brain functions, such as immune response and pain modulation)

They found out that under a normal sleeping condition, 2AD concentration increased when the group was not sleeping and increased even more when they are tired or during afternoon hours.

This increase in 2AD is not only associated with increased appetite but also increased chances of eating unhealthy foods and junk snacks.

Sleeping deprivation has not only been associated with craving unhealthy foods but is associated with other unrealized multiple negatives outcome.
Bit these latest studies is the first step of understanding how important getting adequate sleep is important when it comes to battling against weight gain and obesity and maintaining good health and
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